What is expected from a thief is to steal, from a liar is to lie, a from a drug addict...well you get the idea.

Now and therefore; what would you expect from Brian Keisacker, a lawyer/attorney who apparently went to law school, studied and apparently passed the many examinations, then took the Florida Bar exam and passed, and then took the OATH:

“I do solemnly swear:
I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Florida.”

We expect honesty, integrity and the like, we do not expect for attorney and lawyer Brian Keisacker to be dishonest, unqualified to serve on the Sarasota County General Contractors Licensing and Examining Board, we do not expect for Brian Keisacker to defy the laws and the United States Constitution, Brian Keisacker is supposed to be living by. I guarantee in my opinion that rookie attorney Brian Keisacker will cry like a baby when he has to answer for his actions and will demand the rights he has denied others of and will surely point to the US Constitution and demand that it be followed, yet Brian Keisacker deliberately denies others of these same unalienable and basic American rights, Brian Keisacker is a hypocrite, Brian Keisacker is contemptible, Brian Keisacker is disgraceful, Brian Keisacker is disreputable, Brian Keisacker is loathsome, Brian Keisacker is reprehensible, Brian Keisacker is vile, Brian Keisacker is absolutely awful and Brian Keisacker is wretched.


Brian Keisacker either:

Brian Keisacker went to law school was Brian Keisacker engaged in the learning?

Possibly Brian Keisacker didn't understand the teachings and studies?

Did attorney Brian Keisacker have forget or is he deliberately indifferent to the laws of this great nation?

I's sure Brian Keisacker cant read.

Brian Keisacker obviously changed his values or never had any and decided otherwise.

Why is lawyer Brian Keisacker the Constitution of the United States and the Sarasota County ordinance.


Is it more likely that Brian Keisacker deliberately violates the law because of a personal vendetta and dislike for the contractor that stood up for his rights? Brian Keisacker illegally holds a position on the board and refuses to relinquish and do the right thing.

The facts are the facts and one can only make their own determination of what Brian Keisacker is.


“So how does Brian Keisacker go to law school, supposedly passed the difficult law exams, takes an oath to uphold the law and the US Constitution and then does the exact opposite?”

“I’ve heard stories about unethical and bad lawyers, I see news stories, doesn’t affect me, then Brian Keisacker comes along and proves that bad and unethical lawyers do exist.”

“The Constitution exists to protect us all from the government becoming like the genocidal dictators of other countries, it all starts when those in power like Brian Keisacker don’t follow the basic rules of law and allow citizens their unalienable rights, and those over Brian Keisacker don’t care. However, our system of government in the United States works, so the tyrants in Sarasota County cannot continue down the dark and lawless path. One must continue to fight and use the legal system to reel in Brian Keisacker and his cohorts.”

“If Brian Keisacker cannot be trusted with simple law, has no morals is unethical and willfully violates Contractor’s rights, then how in the hell would anyone trust him as their lawyer, I certainly wouldn’t.”

“A persons actions tells you all you need to know about them and Brian Keisacker actions by violating rights and illegally serving on the Sarasota County General Contractors Licensing and Examining Board says it all, buyer beware.”

“Brian Keisacker’s actions shows that Brian Keisacker has no substantive character, Brian Keisacker has no sincerity, Brian Keisacker has no effort than do the right thing and follow the law, Brian Keisacker has no etiquette and bk lacks self control. What a complete waste of a law degree.”

No Character
“To know what is right and wrong is the basics of living in a civilized modern society, to do otherwise shows who and what Brian Keisacker is and that is an unethical lawyer, even most criminals have some semblance of decency.”

“to be ignorant (lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated) of the law cannot be claimed by attorney Brian Keisacker, shameful to say the least.”

“When a person is unethical like attorney Brian Keisacker in a voluntary position on the Sarasota County General Contractors Licensing and Examining Board, one can only wonder what he might do when money is involved.”

INDIFFERENT Brian Keisacker

“Trust only honorable and trustworthy people. Attorney Brian Keisacker in my opinion is not someone I would ever trust and certainly would NEVER GIVE MONEY TO, since Brian Keisacker has exhibited wanton disregard for Brian Keisacker’s schooling, the oath Brian Keisacker took and Brian Keisacker is oppositional defiant.”

“Brian Keisacker serves illegally on the Sarasota County General Contractors Licensing and Examining Board and has been confronted with this conflict, yet Brian Keisacker obviously does not care about the law, a hypocrite.”

“Brian Keisacker in my opinion and direct experience is an immoral, unethical, no character, defiant, illegally and unqualified board member and Brian Keisacker has been instrumental in violating the constitutional rights of a United States citizen several times.”

“Attorney Brian Keisacker will have to answer in a court of law for his illegal behavior.”

“Brian Keisacker will have to explain one day why Brian Keisacker felt his illegal behavior was justified; the excuse that the county attorneys told him it was ok, won’t fly, that would be a childish and ridiculous reply, Brian Keisacker best think of another excuse, if any exist.”

“All actions have consequences and Brian Keisacker will need to try and remember his law school training, because he will need it. Immunity does not apply my boy, think again Brian Keisacker.”


Brian Keisacker is an extremely dangerous menace to society and our way of life in the United States and Florida. Brian Keisacker’s callous and obvious carefree attitude towards the U.S. Constitution, laws and the rights of citizens that Brian Keisacker purposefully ignores is a threat to our way of life. For Brian Keisacker to have studied law and the Constitution with regards to Due Process, procedures for maintaining the rights of others and then Brian Keisacker violates those rights speaks volumes of Brian Keisacker’s lack of moral character.

“It is quite fortuitous that Brian Keisacker studied law and took an oath only to be a law and a Constitutional violator.”


"Society is in extreme danger when people like Brian Keisacker hold public office for personal gain and
Brian Keisacker completely ignoring the law with an unjustified arrogance is a travesty for all."

Brian Keisacker is not someone I would trust with my money or to represent me in legal matters. The King James Version of the Bible shows in 1 Timothy 6:10 to be: For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. Therefore, Brian Keisacker’s gain from being on the Sarasota County General Contractors Licensing and Examining Board in my opinion is for personal gain and as influence in his law career which is in direct violation of Sarasota Code 22-127(3), yet Brian Keisacker does not care.


“When the Wolf (Brian Keisacker) is at your door, soon he will be at your neighbor’s door. The obligation is to not only save yourself and uphold the Constitution, but the obligation to save and protect your neighbor. The dangers of someone like Brian Keisacker are real and affect all that encounter unethical and no scruples Brian Keisacker.”

"When dealing with Brian Keisacker and his advantage of knowing the law, he uses this ability to seemingly manipulate the law to his favor and for personal gain. This is very, very dangerous to society as a whole since Brian Keisacker has no inner conscience or any moral compass. Our way of life and the protection of citizen’s rights is paramount and Brian Keisacker must be stopped through all legal means including various ethics complaints, Bar complaint and through the legal system holding this arrogant law violator Brian Keisacker accountable."

"Brian Keisacker has exhibited behavior that is inconsistent with the values we cherish as citizens of the United States. Brian Keisacker in my opinion is someone that does not care about freedom, liberty and respect of fellow Americans."

"When I lived in South Africa during apartheid, I saw many injustices, travesties and the like. How is it that my life there during such a tumultuous time did not have the disdain for life that Brian Keisacker and Sarasota County has. How can the experiences in a third world country, having survived those dangers only to have Brian Keisacker and Sarasota County destroy my life of hard honest work, only to have Brian Keisacker and his cohorts destroy my life at this late age. Brian Keisacker is deplorable, disgraceful, reprehensible, calamitous, lamentable, pernicious, destructive, malicious, virulent, mephitic, toxic, nefarious, horrible, heinous, abhorrent, repulsive, detestable, iniquitous,

"One should always strive for perfection and live honorably especially when no one is watching or because others are watching. Doing the right thing is inherent of people that choose the righteous path, we do not need to be reminded right and wrong. Brian Keisacker on the other hand has made conscious decisions to violate that laws, Constitution and the oath he took to become a lawyer, it is his Brian Keisacker's bad choices that makes him evil at heart. When confronted with right or wrong, most will see the error in their ways and correct their mindset and behavior that drives their actions, not Brian Keisacker, he has deliberately chosen the wrong path. Rather than correct his wrongdoing Brian Keisacker has defiantly decided to stay on the unethical and evil path."

"Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Values in decent people don’t change, they adhere to principles of truth no matter what. Why stop and relocate the turtle crossing the road? Because it must be done. This not a choice, it is what your values are.
Brian Keisacker types might say, “it’s someone else’s problem” or “
that turtle does not affect me financially so screw that turtle”. Or, “I’m too busy.” “The decent people (unlike Brian Keisacker) would not just put the turtle down near the fence on the other side, only to cross back across the same road later, rather they find a lake and give it a safer place.”

"To make the world a better place each person must do what fate has handed them, helping the old lady who fell down, or the skinny and lost dog, no matter what one must do what is right, without thinking they have a choice."

"Prisons all over the world are filled with bad choices, people who could have and should have done the right thing. Choose right no matter what!"
Makiwara Guy.

When I first started hitting the Makiwara in Johannesburg South Africa as a young man, I wanted several things: to break the Makiwara, to get tougher fists, to express my anger. As the years have past, I realize that Makiwara training has give and take. The Makiwara has become a friend of sorts, we converse, it helps me in many ways and in a sense I respect it."
Makiwara Guy.

"Life is full of Makiwaras, how to you choose to hit yours?"
Makiwara Guy

"Every disbarred or disciplined lawyer had a choice to make, obviously they chose incorrectly."
Makiwara Guy

"Living in a tangent vs direct and head on has its advantages."
Makiwara Guy


The content of this website is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, which are beliefs based on personal experiences with Brian Keisacker as well as court orders issued by the Circuit Court. Sarasota County Ordinance 22-127(3) which Brian Keisacker has willingly and purposefully violated by serving on the Sarasota County General Contractors Licensing and Examining Board as a consumer representative, which states... "The citizen at large member shall be selected for appointment from Sarasota County resident applicants deriving no income from any source connected with the construction industry."
Brian Keisacker has clearly and is willfully violating the law, ethics and his credibility. He is a construction attorney and earns income from the construction industry, clearly a violation of the law and ethics!